Volume Fifteen

Volume 15 is 104 pages. (Released April 23, 2007)


General American GAEX/GARX XME and RB Leased Box Cars (46 pages)
by Patrick C. Wider

The extensive material covers the 1950s state-of-the-art General American 50’ high quality XME box cars as well as their 50’ RB insulated box car siblings that were leased by several well-known class I railroads. The article also includes considerable information on General American–Evans DF Loaders that equipped these cars as well as many others built during the period.

• Pennsylvania Railroad X23, X24, K7, and R7 Freight Cars (41 pages)
by Patrick C. Wider

The comprehensive article describes and illustrates the P.R.R. single-sheathed box cars, automobile cars, stock cars, and refrigerator cars all built to a standard 1912 railroad propriety design. The cars had long lives and a number of the refrigerator cars were subsequently transferred to Fruit Growers Express and the National Car Company.

• Greenville Steel Car Co. 70-Ton Fish-belly Side Sill Covered Hopper Cars (18 pages)
by Ed Hawkins

Covered are the distinctive fish-belly Greenville 70-ton covered hopper cars that were built from 1947-1953 and bore many design characteristics of similar cars built by American Car & Foundry as well as several other major American freight car builders of the period.

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