Volume Seventeen

Volume 17 is 112 pages. (Released April 16, 2008)


U.S.R.A. 50-ton Single-Sheathed Box Cars and Steel Rebuilds (51 pages)
by Patrick C. Wider

This article is the second in a series of articles that cover several “standard” American box car designs that were built in large quantities during the first half of the 20th Century. In this article, Pat Wider covers the 25,000 single-sheathed wood and steel box cars that were built from 1918 to 1920 following a United States Railroad Administration standard design. The article also includes the steel-rebuilds of many of these cars that lasted well into the 1960s.

General American Trans-Flo Hopper Cars (13 pages)
by Patrick C. Wider

Pat Wider describes and illustrates the unique General American 70-ton Trans-Flo covered hopper cars owned and operated by the General American Transportation Corporation and leased to the American Stores Company, National Biscuit Company, and Miles Laboratories. These distinctive cars presaged the later General American Airslide hopper cars of the 1950s and 1960s.

Railroad-Owned GATC Airslide 2,600 Cu. Ft. Covered Hopper Cars (49 pages)
by Ed Hawkins

Ed Hawkins covers the General American 2,600 Cu. Ft. Airslide covered hopper cars that were ordered and owned by several railroads from 1954 to 1959. The article features many pristine builder’s photographs. This is the first part in a series of articles that will also include the General American-owned 2,600 Cu. Ft. Airslide cars.


After publication in 2008, additional documentation confirmed in 2015 adds two Soo Line series of Airslide covered hopper to the roster on page 113. The first group had been erroneously reported in RP CYC Volume 20 as GACX 43067-43081 leased cars that Soo Line later purchased. GACX 43067-43081 remained leased to Soo Line for many years.

Add: Soo Line 69200-69214, 15 cars built, build date 6-57, Builder's Order No. 8099, 70 tons. Hand brakes are believed to be Miner. Apex Tri-lok running boards/brake steps, Barber S-2 trucks, style "D" side posts, gravity outlets.

Add: Soo Line 69215-69229, 15 cars built, build date 3-58, Builder's Order No. 8110, other data ditto the above.

Reference: Photograph of Soo Line 69200, built new 6-57, published on page 117 of Soo Line Freight Equipment and Cabooses by Kenneth J. Soroos, published in 2014. The caption in the book referenced the information in RP CYC and should be updated accordingly.

Thanks to Eric Neubauer and Ken Soroos for their help in confirming this information.

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