Volume Two

Volume 2 is 96 pages. (Released June 30, 1998)


AC&F Type 27 Tank Cars, Part 1 (17 pages)
by Ed Hawkins

The Type 27 design tank car was produced by American Car & Foundry for approximately two decades. This article provides information on the difference of these cars from the earlier Type 21 design and concentrates on the common 8,000 and 10,000 gallon ICC-103 uninsulated riveted cars. Included is a set of drawings of the 8,000 gallon car, roster for the 8,000 and 10,000 gallon prototypes, and numerous builder's photos. These are the prototype cars for the InterMountain Railway models produced in HO and N scale.

Plan 3410 12-1 Pullman Cars, Part 2 (25 pages)
by Pat Wider

The Rivarossi model is completed with information and outstanding detail photos of the underbody details, roof details, end modification, and final painting and lettering. Additional tables provide data on correct prototype painting, car names and decals, air-conditioning systems, trucks used on Plan 3410 sleeping cars, and a bill of materials for the model. These articles have inspired a model manufacturer to announce they will produce a series of HO scale heavyweight cars in injection molded plastic kits.

Modeling ART's First Steel Reefer (10 pages)
by Charles Duckworth

The American Refrigerator Company purchased more than 1,000 steel reefers in 1936 that were clones to the PFE R-40-10. A history of the prototype cars is presented along with a roster of these cars and other similar ART cars built from 1939 to 1946. Models were fabricated by kitbashing an InterMountain Railway PFE R-40-23 reefer and installing square corner 4-4 Dreadnaught Ends and other details. A two-page ART lettering diagram (circa 1950s) is provided. Since the Volume 2 was published, accurate models are now available from Sunshine Models.

Section, Bunk, and Tool Houses (7 pages)
by Charles Duckworth

These small but important structures were found along the right of way on every railroad. A synopsis of the types of buildings is presented, two pages of plans, and several models offered by American Model Builders. While the buildings shown are Missouri Pacific prototypes, structures of similar design were used throughout the country.

Frisco's Howe Truss Box Cars, Part 2 (6 pages)
by Joe Pennington

Several HO scale models offered by Sunshine Models are presented to supplement the prototype material provided in Volume 1. Joe Pennington discusses how some of the Frisco "replacement" cars were built with the Duryea underframe. Details and photographs of the Duryea underframe are also shown.

Modeling the Early EMC SW-1 Switcher (12 pages)
by Charles Roth

The front and side handrails gave the early version of the EMC SW-1 switcher a distinctive look. A brief history of the EMC/EMD SW-1 design is discussed along with a list of railroads that owned units of this type built in 1939 and the first half of 1940. Charles Roth provides insight on the handrail construction and other details of his superb Western Pacific model made from the Walthers HO scale locomotive.

1935 AAR Twin Hoppers, Part 2 (14 pages)
by Ed Hawkins

Part 2 of the 1935 AAR twin offset hopper series features a number of eastern roads that owned these cars, including B&O, BAR, BM, CNJ/CRP, D&H, Erie, LNE, Reading, and South Buffalo.

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