Volume Twenty

Volume 20 is 112 pages. (Released May 17, 2010)


Flat Car Loading Practices (85 pages)
by Patrick C. Wider

The article contains 46 diagrams that show how many types of loads are restrained and tied down to flat cars. Also included are 126 photos of flat cars with all types of loads such as various steel products including pipe, auto frames, road construction and farm machinery, transformers and circuit breakers, boilers and vessels, rolling stock underframes, trucks and wheels, forging presses, locomotives, damaged freight cars, street cars and busses, lumber products, stone, containers, military equipment, and trailers on flat cars. Captions describe the flat cars photographed including the cars' histories (car number series, builder, and build date). Additional text details the A.A.R. rules for securing the various commodities. This article was several years in the making!

GATC 2,600 Cu. Ft. Airslide Covered Hopper Cars (Part 2) (28 pages)
by Ed Hawkins

The article is the 2nd in a series, which covers cars from 1954-1959 built and owned by General American (GACX reporting marks) and leased to railroads during this time period. There are also a few examples of cars originally leased by railroads and then purchased by the railroad. The article contains 49 page-width photographs, two diagrams, and two comprehensive tables.


Roster on page 113: For GACX 43067-43081, delete the remarks as it has been confirmed that Soo Line continued to lease the cars for many years.

Reference: Photograph of GACX 43075 on page 117 of Soo Line Freight Equipment and Cabooses by Kenneth J. Soroos, published in 2014.

Thanks to Eric Neubauer and Ken Soroos for their help in confirming this information.

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