Volume Twenty Five

Volume 25 is 113 pages. (Released October 18, 2012)


Santa Fe Bx-34, -37, and -43 Class 1937 A.A.R. Modified Standard Box Cars (31 pages)
by Patrick C. Wider

The article is the eleventh in a series covering American box car designs that were built during the first half of the 20th century. Described are the 40'-6", 50-ton box cars assembled by Pullman-Standard and General American that followed the design of the A.A.R. modified-standard, all-steel box car of 1937. The article includes the latest information pertaining to the billboard stenciling applied to these cars. The article includes 1 table, 6 diagrams, and 46 prototype photographs.

1936 A.A.R. Standard 50-Ton and Related 33' Offset-Side Hopper Cars (Part 7) (82 pages)
by Ed Hawkins

The article expands on cars of this type discussed in six previous volumes. Included are many photographs obtained since Volumes 1, 2, 4, 8, 9, and 13 were published. The previously-named "A.A.R. alternate standard" hopper cars are discussed and assigned their more appropriate name of "A.M.C. Standard Design 50-Ton Hopper Car" after the Advisory Mechanical Committee of the C&O, Erie, and NKP Railroads that owned tens of thousands of these cars. Several newly obtained diagrams amply illustrate the many design differences apparent in the various cars. The article includes 11 tables, 24 diagrams, and 112 prototype photographs.


Page 33, lower right patent drawing should read "Late Wine Design. U.S. Patent 1,703,656."

Page 34, left column, last sentence in first paragraph should read "....however, the inside length was 21" longer at 34'-9".....

Page 41, top drawing title should read "A.A.R. Standard 50-Ton Hopper Car Top Chord Detail."

Page 61, caption and page 109 roster data for NC&StL 48300-48599: Trucks on NC&StL 48300-48599 were A.S.F. "Basic" Type and not A-3 Ride Control. While the truck side frames appear much like A-3s, they lack ride control spring wedge inserts inside the bolster ends.

Page 71, lower caption should read USNX 3802 from series 3801-3802.....

Page 103, lower caption and page 113 roster data for W&LE 61500-61999: Trucks on W&LE 61500-61999 were split. Series 61500-61699 came with National Type B and 61700-61999 with double-truss spring-plankless.

Thanks to Jerry Stewart for bringing the errors on pages 61 and 103 to our attention.

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