Volume Twenty Six

Volume 26 is 113 pages. (Released March 26, 2013)


Early Lightweight House Cars (50 pages)
by Patrick C. Wider

The article is part of the continuing series covering American box car and refrigerator car designs. It describes the lightweight aluminum and Unicel house car designs built during the 1940s to early 1950s, including box cars for 10 American and Canadian railroads (ACL, Alton, C&O, CN, CP, GN, M&StL, NKP, RI, RS) and refrigerator cars for FGEX, IC, and PFE. The article includes 44 photos, 8 diagrams, and 2 tables.

Pennsylvania Railroad X29 Rebuilds (35 pages)
by Patrick C. Wider

This continues the series of articles on American rebuilt box cars, describing the 10,000 PRR X29B, X29D, X29E, X29F, and X29G rebuilds of 1951 to 1959. The article includes 32 photos, 16 diagrams, and 1 table.

ACF Proprietary-End 40-6 50-Ton Box Cars (28 pages)
by Ed Hawkins

The article describes the 2,550 box cars built by ACF from 1948 to 1950 with ACF's proprietary Corrugated Steel Ends. Three variations of these ends were applied to box cars built for 5 railroads (C&EI, DT&I, M-K-T, RDG, and WLE). They came with various door openings, side construction options, and four different types of roofs. The article includes 27 photos, 21 diagrams, and 3 tables.

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