Volume Twenty Seven

Volume 27 is 113 pages. (Released October 17, 2013)


ACF-Design 1,958 Cu. Ft. 70-Ton Covered Hopper Cars (113 pages)
by Ed Hawkins and Patrick C. Wider

The article includes a brief history of early covered hopper development by the railroad industry for more efficient transportation of dry bulk materials, the importance of the 70-ton covered hopper demonstrator car built by ACF in 1932 (ACFX 20000), a detailed description of the ACF standard-design 1,958 cu. ft. 70-ton covered hopper car, and the primary variations built during the ACF production from 1937 to 1957.The variations include four roof designs, four distinctively different hatch cover and locking bar designs, two side designs, and three end designs.

A comprehensive four-page roster of all cars built by ACF to the company’s design identifies each of these variations as well as specialty items such as the type of hand brakes, running boards and brake steps, trucks, and wheels. The article illustrates the cars with more than 170 builder and in-service photographs, 29 diagrams, and 8 tables including the comprehensive roster. Captions provide the painting specs as were researched and compiled from ACF original bills of material. More than 6,000 cars were built by ACF to their standard design for 35 U.S. railroads and 13 private companies including more than 650 cars for the ACF subsidiary Shippers’ Car Line for lease.


Inside back cover, Legend, Hatch Covers: For Types 1 and 2, the hand hold length of 18" is incorrect and should be 24" in both cases per the drawing on page 11. (editorial error)

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