Volume Twenty Eight

Volume 28 is 113 pages. (Released April 2, 2014)


Emergency Composite GA/GB Gondola Cars (58 pages)
by Patrick C. Wider

The article continues the series on the “emergency” composite freight cars built during World War II in an effort to reduce the industry’s dependency on the critically short materials needed for the weapons of war. Ultimately seven car builders and railroad shops built a total of 5,125 A.A.R. GA/GB 41'-6", 50-ton emergency composite gondola cars. Also, 4,450, 52'-6", 70-ton gondola cars were built for nine railroads based upon the A.A.R. emergency composite hopper design. In addition, 2,240 non-standard 50- and 70-ton GB composite gondola cars were built to various proprietary designs during the emergency period. The article includes 25 diagrams, 3 rosters, and 87 photographs.

ACF-Design 1,958 Cu. Ft. 70-Ton Covered Hopper Cars-Part 2, Cars Built By General American Transportation Corporation (55 pages)
by Ed Hawkins

The article includes descriptions and photographs of the cars built by GATC from 1940 to 1949 to essentially the same ACF design presented in RP CYC Volume 27. It describes how GATC’s cars differed from those built by ACF as well as the changes in design during the 10-year production span. Discussed are three roof and hatch cover designs, the distinctive GATC locking bar design, and the various side and end designs. The text and a two-page roster covering 2,993 cars built by GATC for 28 railroads and 4 private owners identify the specific variations and specialty items such as hand brakes, running boards and brake steps, trucks, wheels, and painting specifications. The GATC cars are illustrated with more than 90 builder and in-service photographs including a number of informative overhead views.

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