Volume Three

Volume 3 is 96 pages. (Released February 10, 1999)


AC&F Type 27 Tank Cars, Part 2 (17 pages)
by Ed Hawkins

Part 2 of the AC&F Type 27 tank cars features an additional 33 photos of 8,000 and 10,000 gallon ICC-103 uninsulated prototype cars, plus a summary of the commodities transported in the cars. These are the prototypes for the InterMountain Railway Company Type 27 tank car in HO scale.

Greenville's GV-2 Two-Bay Covered Hoppers (13 pages)
by Ed Hawkins

The Greenville Steel Car Company built more than 1,000 cars that were clones to the 2,003 cu. ft. Pullman-Standard PS-2 two-bay covered hopper from 1955 to 1961. Included are numerous photos of the prototype cars plus a complete roster list.

Box Car Painting and Lettering (20 pages)
by Pat Wider

All "box car red" box cars weren't painted "box car red"! The article provides information on the actual paints and paint names used on box cars during the 1930s through 1950s. In addition, photographs illustrate how sides, ends, roofs, running boards, underframes, and other details were painted during this period. A cross-reference table correlates the prototype colors used to model paint formulas.

52'-6" 70-Ton Drop-End Gondolas (16 pages)
by Ed Hawkins and John Spencer

The prototypes for the Life-Like 52'-6" 70-ton drop end gondola are discussed in detail and a roster of cars built to this "de facto" standard design is provided. John Spencer's outstanding model of a Rock Island car illustrates how to model details such as the Wine lading anchors and side hold down clips used on many of the prototype cars.

Modeling GE-70-Tonners (10 pages)
by Charles Roth

The General Electric middleweight champ would be at home on many layouts. Charles Roth provides information on the GE 70-tonners regarding the different phases and how to model them. A number of sample of prototype photos are included along with outstanding models built for the Tidewater Southern.

Pullman Heavyweight Cars, Part 3 (6 pages plus table on back inside cover)
by Pat Wider

Part 3 of Pat Wider's Pullman heavyweight series includes a list of the top 25 "common" Pullman heavyweight cars along with a good selection of representative prototype photos. The table shown on the inside back cover is meant as a guide for model manufacturers to produce the most common prototypes. The table provides invaluable information on the cars including plan numbers, quantity and years built, overall length, brake and air conditioning systems used, truck types, and a cross reference to plans shown in Mainline Modeler.

Rodger-Hart 70-Ton Ballast Cars (13 pages)
by Pat Wider

The Rodger-Hart Ballast Car Company designed a 70-ton open hopper with side discharge openings with the primary purpose of hauling ballast. However, these cars were used in various other types of service including hauling bituminous coal. The cars were built by American Car & Foundry spanning a 24 year period. The article includes a substantial number of AC&F builder's photos and paint/lettering data from the original bill of materials. A roster is provided that provides details such as the type of trucks used on each series.

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