Volume Six

Volume 6 is 104 pages. (Released September 28, 2001)


Updates & Errata (1 page)
Updates and corrections that pertain to Volume 5, including additional CNW F3 Phase I locomotives, corrections to KCS F3 painting information, and a photo of the KCS quadruple hopper car that was not included in Volume 5 due to space limitations.

Box Car Painting - BX Express Box Cars (38 pages)
by Pat Wider

Part 4 of the box car painting and lettering series presents cars that were equipped with steam and signal lines for passenger train express service. Included is a two page roster of BX cars used during the late 1920s through 1960. The article identifies and illustrates numerous examples of BX box cars specially equipped and painted for high-speed service. Note: we have additional photos of BX express box cars that could not be published in Volume 6 due to space limitations. We plan to update this subject in a future edition, to include additional photos that we currently have plus others that we hope to locate in the meantime.

EMD F3 Phase II Diesel Locomotives (36 pages)
by Ed Hawkins

This article is the second in a series of Electro-Motive Division F3 Diesel locomotives. This particular group was identified by "chicken wire" between the two side portholes on the A-units. This F3 model has been dubbed "Phase II" by the railroad press and modeling community. A detailed roster is presented that specifies various items such as the use of dynamic brakes, steam generation equipment, headlight configuration, type of pilot, exhaust fans (high or low), and style of number boards. Additional information about steam generators and dynamic brakes provide insight why these two items were not necessarily mutually exclusive options. Many examples of the production locomotives are illustrated with EMD builder's and in-service photos.

Lightweight Passenger Car Trucks (30 pages, including table on back inside cover)
by Pat Wider

A tremendous amount of research went into this article which identifies lightweight passenger car trucks used by all the railroads during the postwar period. In addition, several prewar trucks used on early streamline passenger cars are shown. The Pullman Company codes for passenger car truck designations are described in detail with illustrations and photos of the various features that caused these trucks to be so distinctive. Nearly 60 photos or diagrams accompany this article alone! Six pages of tables provide a detailed accounting of the types of trucks used on lightweight sleeping cars (by railroad) and a cross-reference table that identifies each specific group of trucks by the Pullman Company designation.

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