Volume Seven

Volume 7 is 104 pages. (Released May 20, 2002)


BR & BS Express Refrigerator Cars (77 pages)
by Pat Wider

Express refrigerator cars were a major facet of railroad history and were an important part of passenger train consists into the 1960s. We have devoted 77 pages to this subject with history, data, photos, and a 3-page roster of these interesting and sometimes unique cars. More than 90 builder's and in-service photos, 36 of which are color, display many painting and lettering schemes. We have additional photos and supplemental information on express refrigerator cars that will be combined with additional express box cars (see Volume 6) that are planned for inclusion in Volume 8.

EMD F3 Phase III Diesel Locomotives (7 pages)
by Ed Hawkins

This is the third in a series of Electro-Motive Division F3 Diesel locomotive articles. This particular group was identified by the introduction of horizontal louvers between the two side portholes on the A-units and "chicken wire" along the top row of air intakes. This F3 model has been dubbed "Phase III" by the railroad press and modeling community. A detailed roster is presented that specifies various items such as the use of dynamic brakes, steam generation equipment, headlight configuration, type of pilot, and style of number boards. Examples of the production locomotives are illustrated with EMD builder's and in-service photos.

AC&F Type 27 10,500-Gallon ICC-105A Propane Tank Cars (21 pages, including table on back inside cover)
by Ed Hawkins

In the late 1920s the propane industry was in its infancy and by the mid-1930s had grown in prominence. Purpose-specific tank cars were built to support the increased demand for the transportation of propane. AC&F built more than 500 Type 27 10,500-gallon tank cars from 1929 to early 1946 having the same general dimensions and configuration. The cars had many variations that are described plus a total of 32 photos and plans of these important cars in railroad history.

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