Volume Eight

Volume 8 is 104 pages. (Released February 15, 2003)


Express Box Cars Addendum (27 pages)
by Pat Wider

This addendum provides additional coverage on the subject of BX express box cars that we originally presented in Volume 6. Included are many photos and much information we either did not have sufficient space for in Volume 6 or have subsequently acquired. Shown are BX express box cars routinely used in head-end express passenger train service from the 1930s through the 1950s and into the 1960s.

Baldwin VO-1000 Diesel Switcher Locomotives (32 pages)
by Charlie Roth

Presented are the many "phases" of Baldwin VO-1000 Diesel switchers built during the production span of these distinctive locomotives from late 1939 to 1946. Included are builder's or in-service photographs of each "phase" in as-delivered appearance plus examples of locomotives that received various modifications while in service. Each phase designation is described with its inherent characteristics and a guide to the time period produced. In the case of modified locomotives, information about the original configuration is included. This article and the series of VO-1000 articles in Diesel Era are complimentary in nature.

A.A.R. 50-ton Hopper Cars Part 4 (15 pages)
by Ed Hawkins

Continuing the series of 1935 A.A.R. twin offset-side hopper cars produced for 25 years (1936 to 1960), this edition presents cars of this type built for southeastern roads. Examples include A.A.R. Standard and Alternate Standard cars as well as "non-standard" cars having 33' inside length. Representative builder's and in-service photos are shown of the numerous southeastern roads owning cars of this general description. This includes the Louisville & Nashville Railroad, which had more than 19,000 cars of various configurations.

10'-0" Inside Height Postwar A.A.R. 40'-6" Box Cars (30 pages)
by Ed Hawkins

Following the production of the 1937 A.A.R. box car, the "most common box car" ever produced, cars of the same general design followed from 1945 into the 1950s. Presented are cars of 10'-0" IH having Improved Dreadnaught Ends of three versions built during this period. More than 35,000 cars of this description were built with SP/T&NO having more than 19,000. Included is a two-page roster of cars meeting the criteria.

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