Volume Nine

Volume 9 is 104 pages. (Released September 26, 2003)


B&O Wagon-Top Box Cars (25 pages)
by Pat Wider

The Baltimore & Ohio Railroad's signature box car was noted for its unique design and appearance. The article includes historical information about the origin of the cars as rebuilt class M-15 box cars plus other cars built new (class M-53) during the late 1930s and early 1940s. Shown are numerous builder's and in-service photos plus several brass and cast urethane models in HO scale of these distinctive box cars.

Pullman-Standard Compartmentizers (18 pages)
by Pat Wider

During the 1930s through 1940s, railroads were constantly battling the financial impact of the high cost of damaged lading. One builder's solution to the problem was the Compartmentizer, first offered by Pullman-Standard in the early 1950s. The article discusses the problems caused by damaged freight with a description and photos of Pullman-Standard's interior arrangement of movable partitions to help keep lading from being damaged during transit. Shown are numerous photographs of freight cars equipped with Compartmentizers, all having Compartmentizer stencils on the car sides.

A.A.R. 50-ton Hopper Cars Part 5 (17 pages)
by Ed Hawkins

Continuing the series of 1935 A.A.R. twin offset-side hopper cars produced for 25 years (1936 to 1960), this edition presents cars of this type built for Midwestern roads. Examples include A.A.R. Standard and Alternate Standard cars as well as "non-standard" cars having 33' inside length. Representative builder's and in-service photos are shown of the numerous Midwestern roads owning cars of this general description.

Express Refrigerator Cars-Addendum (26 pages)
by Pat Wider

In Volume 7 we presented 77 pages of coverage on the interesting and important subject in railroad history of express refrigerator cars. Since that time we located a substantial number of additional photographs of these ubiquitous cars, some of which are very rare. Also included are several line drawings of express refrigerator cars, including the omnipresent Pennsylvania Railroad R-50b.

EMD F3 Phase IV Diesel Locomotives (18 pages+back inside cover used for roster)
by Ed Hawkins

This is the fourth in a series of Electro-Motive Division F3 Diesel locomotive articles. This particular group was identified by the introduction of horizontal grilles along the top row of air intakes. This F3 model has been dubbed "Phase IV" by the modeling community. A detailed roster is presented that specifies various items such as the use of dynamic brakes, steam generation equipment, headlight configuration, type of pilot, and style of number boards. Examples of the production locomotives are illustrated with EMD builder's and in-service photos.

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