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sanitary pads making machines poha making machine price:Chess, mate! A good game with his son helps Kissht boss stay focused

sanitary pads making machines poha making machine price:Chess, mate! A good game with his son helps Kissht boss stay focused

  Krishnan Vishwanathan, CEO and Founder, Kissht firmly believe that a healthy body is the most important asset. He shares, “I try to follow healthy practices in every sphere of my life, starting with a balanced diet. Eating in moderation with enough time gap between meals is a practice I have followed for many years now. Playing a sport is my favourite part of the fitness routine. I spend a considerable amount of time playing squash, soccer and tennis. Another important aspect of staying fit is good and sound sleep. It is when your body is rejuvenating and preparing for the next day. A positive outlook towards life has also helped me stay healthy. It is a practise that one must never stop.”


  Both physical and mental fitness are important to Vishwanathan. For physical fitness, he tries to play every day and if he is not able to, then he goes to the gym. “I like to play chess – competitively as well as with my son Ritvik, who is a national champion in his age category. Chess keeps my brain sharp and helps me develop focus and discipline. My typical morning starts early with a cup of coffee and egg-based breakfast. After that, I catch up with the news and get into my work routine. Even while doing my daily work routine, I try to stand and pace around rather than be seated, which helps keep me loose and reduces fatigue. It improves blood circulation, helps to stay focused, and avoids boredom setting in. On most evenings, I make it a point to play a sport of my choice, which is either squash, football or tennis. In the evenings I cannot manage either, I try to go to the gym – either to do some light weights or some aerobic machine like treadmill or elliptical,” he says.


  Being a South Indian Vishwanathan’s diet includes their traditional food, which is also considered extremely healthy. “I prefer egg-based breakfast in the morning as an essential source of protein. Otherwise, my diet also includes idli, sambar with lots of vegetables and dosa. For lunch, I prefer keeping it very light to keep fresh. It normally includes one chappati with homemade veggies and a small katori of dal. I ensure some intake of fruit with lunch and dinner. For dinner, I prefer a light snack kind of meal like a sandwich or poha and once again, fruits. In between, I indulge myself with chocolates – bitter chocolates with almonds are my favourite. I also take nuts – almonds, cashews and pistachios in moderation,” he says.

  Mental health

  Vishwanathan thinks a good eight hours of sleep and a well-planned day is his trick to keep a mind healthy. “I listen to music to help soothe my mind – old Hindi classics, symphonies, as well as some modern pop that my children listen to. I also find playing chess (though intense) helps me remain mentally strong,” he says.

  He believes in eating everything, but what keeps his mind sharp is the practise of mindfulness. “Being alert, listening to your body, and feeling every involuntary move inside yourself sharpens our mind. Whether it is consuming food or dealing with people, one has to be conscious of every action. It is a practice that only gets better with time. Mindfulness allows us to appreciate the moment, be thankful for what we have, and in the process, improve focus,” Vishwanathan says.

  Soul share

  Maintaining balance – work, life, sports, and family helps Vishwanathan remain healthy. “An important thing that I have learned over the years is to slow down. Maintain a balance and not overdo anything. We are human beings who are constantly learning and exploring. As part of this process, there is a lot of wisdom and lessons we gather. Living in the moment is what I adhere to. It gives me immense relief to just think for the day. They say people suffer in imagination more than in reality and it is absolutely true. While constantly planning for the future, we often forget to embrace the present. I also love animals and feel we as human beings can learn a lot of unselfish love for others from them,” he ends

sanitary pads making machines poha making machine price:Chess, mate! A good game with his son helps Kissht boss stay focused